Gin is semi retired from living her life as the “Spider”. A deadly assassin. This doesn’t keep Gin out of trouble. Mab is still on the hunt for Spider. What Mab doesn’t know is that Gin is living right under her nose. Mab is lucky that Gin is just waiting for the perfect moment to eliminate Mab.

When Roslyn comes to Gin in need of her assistance. One of Mab’s henchmen, Elliot Slater is after Roslyn. After Roslyn comes to Gin; Gin realizes that it is about time that she do less talking and more butt kicking.

Venom is the third elemental assassin book. To truly enjoy this series to the fullest then I would suggest that you read these books in order, starting with Spider’s Bite. I was already a fan of Ms. Estep before Spider’s Bite but I became an even bigger fan after reading Venom. Gin is one tough cookie. She takes a licking but keeps on ticking. If you ever cross Gin’s bad side, you better count your lucky stars that she kills you quickly. I like the elemental magic that Gin and Mab possess. I really like this series. Jennifer Estep is an urban fan’s dream. Venom is toxic but ooh so good!


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