Poison Kisses and Stephanie Draven

As if having a controlling father was bad, it is worse when he is Ares…God of War. Kyra does not want to follow in her father’s footsteps. That is why she has made it her personal mission to stop her father anyway she can. Kyra knows the best way to piss off her father is to go after Greek weapon’s dealer, Marco Kaisiris.

When Marco meets Kyra is not until ideal circumstances. Marco is blown away by Kyra in a good way. Marco has never met anyone like Kyra. He doesn’t know whether to tied her up or kiss her?

Poisoned Kisses is deadly but deliciously yummy like your man’s kisses. Poisoned Kisses is a new book in a new series from Harlequin…the Mythica series. Stephanie Draven spinned some of her magic on me. Kyra is one tough woman. She kicks butt and takes names. I am sure glad I was not the one on her bad side. Marco is good looking. It was easy to see why I thought what Kyra and Marco had going on between them was good. This book had a lot of action. Kyra and Marco were constantly moving.


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