Pretty Little Things…shines!

If thirteen year old, Lainey Emerson didn’t have her computer and her best friend, Molly Brosnan, then Lainey would go crazy. Lainey’s mom is constantly working, her little brother is annoying and her step father wants nothing to do with Lainey.

Lately, Lainey has been preoccupied chatting online with Zach aka “ElCapitan”. ElCapitan is Zach’s online screen name. Lainey and Zach have hits things off nicely. In fact Zach has just asked Lainey out of a date. Something goes terribly wrong and Lainey does not return. It takes two days before Lainey’s mother calls to report her missing.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Special Agent Supervisor Bobby Dees is on the case. Bobby is haunted by nightmares of his daughter going missing and he couldn’t save her. Now, Bobby has made it is mission to try and rescue as many missing children or at least solve their cases. Can Bobby find Lainey in time or will she end up a cold case?

I have never read anything by author, Jilliane Hoffman. Pretty Little Things was right up my alley. The story line was good and the characters were great. The only issue I had with this book was that I found most of the characters except for Bobby, Lainey and the killer to be interesting. I was upset that Lainey’s mom and step father showed no real interest in helping to find Lainey. The only person who fought until the bitter end was Bobby. The ending had a twist that I was not expecting. Overall, I give this book 4 stars. Pretty Little Things…shines!


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