Josephine “Joss” O’Malley is trying really hard to keep her family’s map business afloat. It is hard. Joss’s father used up all their fortune and business has been slow. Joss already has a loan but she needs to ask to borrow more money. It won’t be so bad if the man Joss had to ask to borrow money wasn’t her fiancé, Rogan Reynolds.

Hugh Hawksmoor has come from the past. He is in search of Brand O’Malley. Brand killed his brother. Hugh and Joss don’t really hit things off right away but it isn’t long before Hugh learns that Joss is the daughter of Brand. Now Hugh must decide wheather to seek revenge or let the past become the past.

I liked this book. Aching for Always is the second novel I have read by Mrs. Cready. I found Joss’s fiancé to be mean and crude. So glad that he didn’t make much of an appearance in this story. I liked Joss. She was full of life and personality. While I thought Hugh and Joss were good together, I just wished that I felt a stronger spark between them. For me anyways, Hugh and Joss were slow to grow chemistry between them. Overall, I am aching for more Mrs. Cready.


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