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In her intelligent and well conceived new science fiction work, novelist Virginia Luman presents the New America of 2055, the last nation on earth after the "Hydra-plague" and a country under the thumb of those who have learned how to keep men grounded in one dimension of the space-time continuum.

Nacogdoches, TX - Sep 21, 2010 - Author Virginia Luman announces the release of The Lords of Time. Her debut science fiction work illustrates a future we are capable of achieving -- or avoiding -- as she leads her young hero, Thomas Smiles, through a post- apocalyptic New America to the realization that no machine can ever measure drive, ambition or the intangible dreams of the human spirit.

In 2055 the Hydra-plague has left only New America in its wake. It is the last nation on earth and is a country that recognizes no enemies, has no allies and knows no war.

Young Thomas Smiles has entered college, but his attention on his studies is increasingly interrupted by memories of either past or future events that should be impossible for him
to know.

Fearing for his sanity and wondering if he may have been reincarnated, he seeks out a friend who has ended up in a mental institution. In this modern "deadhouse," he discovers the secrets and true ambitions of the Lords of Time, those who can keep humans trapped in one dimension only of the space-time continuum.

He discovers also that while the Lords of Time may have much knowledge, they have little wisdom.

In The Lords of Time author Luman gives readers an astute look into the intertwining of humanity and technology and the implications for the smaller world that can be the net result of that continued historical coupling. Add to that the horrific results of the forced redistribution of wealth by flawed human beings and her readers have a dramatic fictional landscape to "enjoy" as they follow Thomas Smiles' struggle for release from these human chains.

About the book:

The Lords of Time by Virginia Luman

ISBN: 978-1-4327-5815-8

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Date of publish: Aug 31, 2010

Pages: 318

S.R.P.: $19.95

About the author:

Virginia Luman, a former teacher and classical violinist, lives in Texas with her family. The Lords of Time is her first novel.

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