The Diary

Sisters, Emily and Sarah were sorting through old boxes. They were cleaning things up as their mother isn’t doing very well and doesn’t have much time to live. In one of the boxes, Emily comes upon an old diary. The diary belongs to their mother. Emily and Sarah start reading it; not knowing that hidden inside laid a secret that would shock them. They expected to read a love story about how their mother, Elizabeth met and fell in love with their father, Bob. What they discover instead is that their mother was in love with a boy named AJ. The more Emily and Sarah read; the more curious they become about who is AJ and what happened to him.

This book alternates between the past with Elizabeth and the present. I though The Diary was a sweet, quickie read. At the beginning, the reader doesn’t know much about Elizabeth but through her diary, the reader becomes familiar with her to learn that she was a nice, quiet girl that fell for the bad boy. Through the reading of the diary, it brought Emily and Sarah closer together as sisters. I thought the ending was perfect. What a great way to end a good read. I will definitely be checking out more books by Eileen Goudge.


Cheryl said…
Naida- This was a good book for when you need a change from the dark, heavy reading

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