Starfire Angels

All of Raea’s life, she knew she was different. She would have these weird dreams about her parents and a strange world. It was like the events were really but that couldn’t be possible as Raea has never been to this place. Raea’s Aunt Debbie and her Uncle Mike can’t offer any insight to why Raea keeps having these dreams. Besides these dreams, Raea has another secret…she has a pair of angel wings. Her Aunt, Uncle and friends don’t even know about her wings.

As if having wings wasn’t bad enough, Raea lives in McClarron, North Dakota, a town with a small population. Raea just wants to be a normal girl but it is hard. McClarron, North Dakota seems to be a place of interest lately. Raea’s friend Josh is obsessed with strange happenings of a mysterious being known as Dark Angel. No one really knows much about this Dark Angel. A television reporter from Xplorer Channel wants to do a special on the Dark Angel. This could spell trouble for Raea, as this reporter could expose her secrets. Also what is up with the new guy at school, Pallin Montran?

Author Melanie Nilles is a new author for me. I thought she did bring a refreshing look between the genres of sci-fi and paranormal. Starfire Angels wasn’t too out there that it wasn’t believable but at the same time may a paranormal fan like me think this was a pretty good book. The only reason I say this book is pretty good is because, while I did find Raea interesting and the storyline intriguing, the rest of the characters didn’t draw me in and make me interested in knowing them. So a little bit of my interest did slip while reading this book. Starfire Angels did have me flying away in a good way.

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penney said…
Sounds good I love your book reviews, thank you
Denversson said…
you do a great reviews! I find it interesting, you can also see my reviews too thanks in advance

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