Light of the Desert

The year is 1972 in the Middle East.

Noora Fendil comes from a very influential family. She has a sister, Zaffeera, and two brothers by the names of Kettayef and Nageeb. Noora and Zaffeera are busy shopping for Noora and her fiancé, Michel wedding. What Noora doesn’t know is that Zaffeera is very jealous of her and wants Michel for herself. Zaffeera has tricked Noora and led their father into believing that Noora has shamed him. When Noora comes home, she is in for a surprise. Having no knowledge of what is happening; her father beats and drags her to the pool. He drowns her. Both Noora and her father thought she was dead. Neither one was correct. Nageeb, a doctor rescues his sister and takes her way. Nageeb nurses Noora back to health. Noora’s nightmare isn’t over yet.

First off, let me start be saying that I was aware of the concept for this book but I was not prepared for the raw emotions I felt while reading this book. From the first paragraph, I experienced anger for what Noora and other women still go through because of their culture. Light of the Desert reads so smoothly and with grace that at almost six hundred pages that you will have no problem finishing this book. In fact you will find yourself having a hard time putting it down, like I did. I finished this novel in one day. I felt sorry that Noora got taken advantage of by her sister. Noora is a hero. Instead of becoming defeated by what she went though\, Noora took her anger and strength and turned it into something good. Lucette Walter won me over with Light of the Desert.


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