Inspector Ghote's First Case: An Inspector Ghote Mystery

Inspector Ghote's First Case: An Inspector Ghote Mystery is the prequel to the Inspector Ghote series that consists of twenty-six novels.

The year is 1960. Ganesh Ghote has just received a letter notifying him of his promotion to Detection of Crime Branch Inspector. The promotion has been long over due. In celebration of his promotion, Ghote and his pregnant wife plan a night out to see the Hamlet at the cinema. They never make it to the showing. Inspector Ghote receives a written message from his boss to pay a visit to former Bombay police commissioner,
Sir Rustom Engineer.

Sir Engineer wants Inspector Ghote to investigate why his good friend’s wife, Iris would kill herself. Though Sir Engineer doesn’t hold much faith that much will come out of the investigation. He would be wrong.

This book started out strong but than quickly fizzed for me. I lost interest in the plot. This is because none of the characters were very memorable to me and I found the story line dry. To be honest I can’t remember much of what transpired between the characters. The Inspector Ghote series is one of the longest running series around. Seeing as to the fact that I didn’t think this book, I must be in the minority group. Inspector Ghote's First Case will be my first and last case.


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