The Shiksa Syndrome

Aimee Albert works as a publicist in Manhattan. She also is very faithful to her religion as a nice Jewish woman. She and her boyfriend, Peter have been dating for a while. Yet Aimee is ready to start a family and doesn’t know if Peter is the one. One… he is a Presbyterian and two…he isn’t ready to settle down like Aimee is. Peter can’t take the pressure and he ends things between them.

Krista is Aimee’s friend and also a shiksa. A shiska is a non Jewish person. Krista and Aimee go to a party at Down. Aimee observes Krista getting all the attention and coming away with phone numbers and dates. Aimee meets a guy at Down. His name is Josh. He seems nice and someone Aimee would like to get to know but he seems to be only interested in non Jewish women.

For Aimee’s birthday, Krista gives her a make over. Aimee couldn’t look any more opposite from a Jewish girl. Krista also shares with Aimee how to act and talk like a non Jewish person. Krista and Aimee head out again to Down and this time Josh shows an interest in Aimee. They go out, all the time Josh under the impression that Aimee is non Jewish. The thing is that Josh, himself is Jewish. Oh what is a girl to do?

I liked the concept of this book and thought it sounded like a fun chick lit but unfortunately I found it middle of the road just ok. While I thought Aimee seemed like a nice person, I was a little disappointed that for someone who believed in her religion so strongly would give it up for a guy. I was really turned off by Josh. I found him to be very judgmental, considering the fact that he was Jewish and he didn’t want to date girls that were. The rest of the characters were kind of boring. Overall, I liked the concept but could have been better and funnier.


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