Millie's Fling

My favorite Londoner, Millie Brady is back in Millie’s Fling. While on a date that is going horribly wrong, Millie meets famous author, Orla Hart. Orla finds Millie intriguing and takes an interest in her. She decides to make Millie the heroine of her next novel. Unfortunately, Orla finds Millie’s love life lacking and plans to help her spice it up with a cast of unique guys. What Orla doesn’t know is that Millie already has her sights set on someone but he hates her guts. At least Millie won’t be alone as she deals with being Orla’s pet project, as she has Hester. Will Millie’s Fling end before it has even started?

I first discovered and fell in love with Millie when I read Miranda’s Big Mistake. From than I couldn’t get enough of Millie and her hilarious antics. I don’t know what happened but unfortunately I didn’t experience the same sparkle in Millie’s Fling as I did in the prior novel. Though there were some parts that made me laugh…like the time that Hester went to a salon for some beauty time. She was wrapped up in cling wrap and covered with mud, only to have the smoke detector go off, leaving her clothes less and still wrapped up when the firemen arrive. One thing I can guarantee is that where ever Millie goes…trouble is bound to follow her. As much as I was disappointed in this book, I still plan to check out the next novel by Jill Mansell.


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