Just doing a little Street Magic

When Pete Caldecott was sixteen years old, she and wild, bad boy Jack Winter conjured up an evil spirit by accident. Jack is a mage. The spirit was after Pete. Jack saved Pete but be doing so he sacrificed himself.

Pete has tried to put those moments behind her and has done a pretty good job so far. She is now a Detective Inspector for the Scotland Yard. Children have gone missing. It is up to Pete to figure out what has happened to the children. There is only one person that Pete can trust to help her find the missing children…it is Jack. Pete thought Jack perished twelve years ago but he survived somehow…barely. Jack might as well have perished. It is no good to Pete in his current condition. He is a strung out heroin junkie. Pete and Jack will once again face evil and there is no turning back.

Street Magic is the brand new book in the Black London series. Urban fantasy is alive and well, thanks to authors like Caitlin Kittredge. I have never read any of the books in the Nocturne City series. After reading this book, I plan to check out all of them. Pete is one tough cookie. She put Jack in his place move times than I could count. Don’t feel back as Jack could hold his own. He is the sexiest mage that I have ever come across. He has this bad boy image that is every woman’s ultimate fantasy. These two make a good team. I can’t wait the next book, Demon Bound to be released.


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