Nibble and Kuhn

Derek Dover works at Nibble and Kuhn. A law firm. He is really trying to make a name for himself as a prominent attorney. Derek is a little distracted by his girlfriend, Maria Parma. She works at the same law firm. Derek will have to get on the top of his game and fast.

Margaret Kelly an attorney at N&K is leaving. She has been nominated to be justice of Massachusetts Superior Court. She was in charge of a huge lawsuit case. The case is against a factory called Morganic Continental. Supposedly the factory had a leak and vaused seven young boys to get cancer. This case will require all of Derek’s undivided attention.

I thought this book showed promise but unfortanetly it just wasn’t for me. I found the charaters interesting and a litle stiff, like I would imagine lawyers to be. The other issue is that the story really moved slowed for me. In fact I put this book down and walked away from it and later came back to it but only got about half way till I quit. This was a bummer as the case that Derek was preparing for really sounnded like a good one. One aspect of the book I did pick up on was that it seemed that Mr. Schmahmann tried to keep the story as closely as he could to reality.


Anonymous said…
I'll be reading this book to see how it goes for me. Thanks for your candid comments.

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