What I Thought I Knew

Author, Alice Eve Cohen met her second husband, Michael at a conference. Michael is ten years Alice’s junior. Alice already had a daughter named Julia when she and Michael met. Things were looking up for Alice, when she received the biggest shock of her life…she is pregnant!

What I Thought I Knew is author, Alice Eve Cohen’s memoir into her life as a mother, wife and writer. I really liked this book more than I thought I would. I say this because memoirs are not typically my first book of choice. Mrs. Cohen shared every aspect of what she went through when she learned she was pregnant at age forty-four. The “What I Know” lists that Mrs. Cohen made were good. I liked learning what she knew as she was learning about different things. Mrs. Cohen opened the door into her life and let readers in. From what I read about Michael, he seemed like a nice guy. He was a good father to Julia. Eliana is one special and bright girl. There were some humorous moments. What I Thought I Knew is a book worth reading.



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