I can not wait to “Shift’ my way into the next book.

Everyone born after the shift can see ghosts. Aura is unique. She not only can see ghosts but she is their lifeline to the present. This is cool but at the same time it can have its annoying moments like…when ghost appear unexpected and demand your help…or having ghosts yell in your ear, never giving you a minute of peace. Of course, Aura would never trade any of this, when her boyfriend, Logan ends up dead. It is up to Aura to help Logan pass through to the other side.

There is a new boy in town. His name is Zachary. There is something different about Zachary. What is Zachary hiding?

I have wanted to try out author, Jeri Smith Ready for a while. I decided to start with Mrs. Smith Ready’s young adult paranormal series. Shade is book one. This book is a ghost story but not a scary ghost story. More like a love story. I liked Aura. She was cool. She is like a typical teenager only she has the ability to see and speak to ghosts. I liked Aura and Logan together, even though I didn’t really get to know Logan. Zachary was nice. Though at times it seemed like Zachary was desperate to tag along with Aura, so he would than seem like not much of a love interest for Aura. I can not wait to “Shift’ my way into the next book.


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