A Secret in Salem

One of daytime soap operas most memorable couples, John and Marlena must face a new obstacle together. It will test both of John and Marlena’s faith and love. John is dying from something mysterious. Marlena has gone to see some of the best doctors around. Marlena goes to see Dr. Blake Masters. Dr. Master’s is John’s last hope.

Meanwhile, Charlotte Gaines is the daughter of Richard Gaines of Financial Gaines Group, LLC. After Charlotte loses both her parents, Charlotte learns a shocking truth that will change her life forever.

For a very brief time I did watch daytime soap operas. There were only two that I got into…one of them was Days of our Lives. While I like knowing that I am never that far away from helping myself to an extra serving of all my favorite characters, reading about them just was not the same as watching them on television. I found John and Marlena’s story to be more interesting than what was happening with Shawn, Belle, and Charlotte. Though, I did like the twist on how all the story lines intertwined with each other. This is what I like about Days of Our Lives…the nice story lines. I may revisit Salem again someday.


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