Me, Myself and Why

It isn’t easy being a woman in a male dominated world. It is even harder when you have split personalities; all fighting for a chance to come out. Meet…FBI Agent Cadence Jones. Cadence has three sides to her. There is Cadence the FBI Agent, who tries to stick to the rules. Than there is Shiro, the ninja warrior and finally there is Adrienne, the instigator. You can guarantee that no case is ever boring with the many sides of Cadence around.

I love FBI Agent Cadence Jones and her multiple personalities. Though my favorite was Shiro. Shiro really was a force to be watching your back around. She could kick your ass and enjoy it. The one that made the least impression on me was Adrienne. I hardly noticed when she would made an appearance, though Adrienne is still someone I would not like to meet. He would show up when someone was fighting. I felt sorry for Cadence’s partner, George. He never knew which one of Cadence’s many personalities would make an appearance next. George was always in the line of fire and the punching bag. It was refreshing to read a mystery that had a bit of comedic relief to the story line. I am definitely keeping my eyes on MaryJanice Davidson.


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