Sworn to Silence

Painters Mill, Ohio is a quiet Amish town. People come for the peace and quiet. That is exactly how Chief of Police Kate Burkholder likes it. Unfortunately the quietness is about to be shattered. Deputy T.J. Banks was out trying to corral one of the local farmer's cows when he sees a bloody trail leading him to the naked body of a woman. Her throat has been slashed and she has some Roman numerals craved into her. The last time Kate saw a Roman numeral was sixteen years ago. At that time she had come face to face with one of the worse monsters' imaginable. She thought that nightmare was over but she was wrong. As the body count rises, Kate starts to feel the pressure to stop the killer once and for all. Agent John Tomasetti with the BCI has joined Kate to help solve the case. The only person not realyl thrilled with Agent Tomasetti's assistance is Kate. The only question that remains is...What is Kate hiding and why is she sworn to silence?

Sworn to Silence is the first book I have read by this author. This is a good read. Who knew that lurking in the quiet Amish town of Painters Mill lurked a sinister killer and the cop who is knows his idenity but refuses to speak, even if it means Kate could lose her job. I couldn't put this book down. Hopefully you will be just as suprised as I was by who the killer is. I recommend anyon who is looking for a new author to try our that you look no further than Linda Castillo.


Jess said…
I had never heard of this author either. I will have to try one of her books. Great review.

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