Book Review: Sky of Thorns


The people of Kallistar believed the land was in peace… but darkness stirs in the North…

On the eve of the autumn equinox, unicorn shifter Sybil Vandeleur is kidnapped and stolen away to the Kingdom of Shadowvale, charged with treason against the crown. Only, she has never committed any crimes.

Aramis Adrastos, crown prince of Shadowvale, is told otherwise. Tasked by his father to capture the leader of a rebel group, he corners the woman planning to infiltrate the palace and take down the kingdom from the inside. But as soon as he lays eyes on her, destiny and duty become tangled with desire and need. She incites his anger, fills him with longing, and makes him question everything he believes in. Her very presence tempts him to betrayal. Chained in a dungeon, at the mercy of an evil queen, Sybil’s only hope for salvation lies with the prince who was raised to loathe her, just for being a shifter.

In a world strained from rebellion and rife with injustice, two adversaries fight to overcome their prejudices and face the true enemy before them.

From author Fleur DeVillainy, comes a captivating, magical book that blends romance and adventure into a tantalizing read.

My Review

Since I was a little girl, I have been and am still into unicorns. Therefore, when I read the premise of this book and saw the words "unicorn shifter", I was very intrigued. I was instantly drawn to Sybil. She had a fierceness about her that only grew as the story progressed. 

Aramis is relatable and someone that I warmed up to fairly quickly. He was a bit of a complex character due to his title and trying to do with is morally right. I thought that he and Sybil interacted well together. 

I liked Nero. He was a nice addition to the story and brought some humor. He might have stole some of the limelight from Sybil and Aramis. 

If you are looking for your next romantasy book than you should pick up a copy of this one or better yet, grab the audiobook version. The narrators, Jacci Prior and Anthony Palmini are great. They really brought this story to life with their voice character portrayals. 


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