Book Review: A Cup of Fate


Alexis Gorgun, the author of the 'Cup of' series, is back at it in this laugh-out-loud and steamy rom-com that throws Ruby, a sassy barista, into a cocktail competition where Theo, a suave bar owner, reluctantly becomes her mixology mentor.

When I hit rock bottom, my well-meaning sister signs me up for a cocktail competition. The cash prize is life-changing, and I'll do anything for that money. There's just one problem: my expertise in cocktails extends to sipping, not mixing. And when I turn to my bartender friends for help, they all refuse to train me.

In order to win, I have to turn to my old fling, Theo Watson. We ended on sour terms when he wanted something more than an occasional hookup. But his demand was downright impossible when I don't believe in love or relationships. Now I must swallow my pride and ask him for the impossible—to train me for the competition.

What the hell has my sister gotten me into?

My Review

I have not read the other two books in this series but that is ok as this book can be read as a stand-alone book. This book did have the right amount of balance between humor and romance. Ruby and Theo went from enemies to lovers with their second chance romance. 

I liked that Theo coached Ruby and did not overwhelm her by pushing her to do better than the other competitors. He just helped to bring out her inspiration that she had all along within herself. The trip they took to Tokyo really was an eye opener for Ruby. You could tell as the competition progressed and she was able to tell stories with her drinks. Maximillian may be the harshest judge in the competition, but he grew on me, and I liked him. He did give good advice even if his delivery was not the best. 

Theo and Ruby shared some steamy scenes together when they finally gave into their feelings for each other again. 

I will be checking out more books by this author. 


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