Book Review: Craving the Chase



When my eyes land on Chase, it’s game over. I want to keep him. I need to have my eyes on him at all times. I can’t keep away. Anyone who gets in my way…they die. When I finally get my prize, I will never let him go.
My man.
My craving.
My Chase.

It's time to step out of the shadows.


Could life be more complicated right now? I have an ex from hell, and it’s made me question whether I even want a relationship again. Then…Noah walks into my office and my life changes forever. I need to resist the pull I feel in his presence.

The red flags surrounding him should make me run for the hills. But I can’t stop thinking about him. And the cherry on top is that I think I’m losing my mind. A feeling that someone is watching me…it’s making me crazy.

Yep, my life is a mess, so come and watch it implode into chaos.

*This dark MM romance contains content that won't be suitable for under 18s. Please check the trigger warnings.

My Review

When I think of stalker romances, I want a book like this. Instantly, I gravitated towards Noah. The predatory watch that he watched Chase's ever move, slowly invading his space! Chase could tell something was up but he was not ready to admit his feelings. 

When Noah came to him and said "I am coming for you tonight" that was the shift between them. Their first kiss together. It was hot. This is when the story really picks up and I was all in even more. It was like their souls were crying out for each other. 

I would recommend this book. A five star read for sure. 


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