Book Review: My Favorite Mistake


Fake dating her client’s gorgeous son was a mistake—enjoying his touch will be her ruin.

Bad boy Ian Maguire is a lawyer with an image problem. But he doesn’t care if the media is obsessed with him or deemed him the most wanted bachelor. He’s also not interested in relationships, until he meets his dad’s political strategist. With her cool confidence, dark features, and quiet beauty, she is tempting enough to get him to pretend to settle down. And he can promise they will both enjoy it.

Simone Jax is trained in managing a crisis, and she has the perfect plan for Ian’s playboy status. He just needs to agree to only be seen with one woman until his father’s gubernatorial election is over, even if it’s fake. But when the press captures a picture of them kissing and blasts it everywhere, she has no choice but to play the part of girlfriend.

Just when their fake relationship starts to feel genuine, Simone discovers she’s pregnant. Is this a secret baby or the start of a real romance?

My Review

It may have started out as "fake" but there is nothing fake about the feelings that Simone and Ian share for one another. Their first kiss together had sparks flying. Ian won me over instantly with his warm persona and kindness towards Simone. He is the type of guy you want, who is happy to stay in eating cheesecake, snuggling and watching Pretty Woman. 

While the intimate scenes are hot, it was just them being together that I loved even more. The more they spent together, the more I saw their personalities come through. 

This book is a very, quick read. It also had me laughing as well. This book is one of my favorites in this series. 


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