Book Review: Never Tear Us Apart


It's been two years since Cruz and his stepsister Ellery collided in Cherry Cove, Georgia, and the former All American has used time, distance, and baseball to forget about the girl he could never have. With a future in the majors all but certain, he has one last summer to live it up with his brothers before life in The Show becomes a reality. And that is exactly what he intends to do.

With Elmhurst Prep now behind her, Ellery is ready to move on from the southern society she was born into and start a new life that doesn't include pearls and polo shorts, but a cup of French roast and a good mixtape. But before she goes, she is determined to use her last summer among the polished and privileged, to find out who is behind the smear campaign against her daddy's memory.

When chance and circumstance throw Cruz and Ellery a curveball and bring their worlds crashing together again, the two must decide...sit the bench, or step into the batter's box and go down swinging.

My Review

I was and am already a fan of D.M.'s from her fantasy series. Yet, she won me over more with this book. Never Tear Us Apart gives me the nostalgia vibes of summertime and first-time real love. This book is a must read. 

The love that Cruz and Elle shared is full of emotions...tender, passionate, taboo but above all "real". Each scene between them got better and better. Crus did give off touch her and d!e vibes, which means that he loved Elle that much. 

While these two are side characters, Jenica and Jake, I did really enjoy every time that they made appearances in the story. 

What secrets does Elmhurst have and who will survive them? That is what I want to know and can't wait to read book two. 


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