Book Review: Disobedient Pawn


Never underestimate the power of a pawn.

My life seemed pretty perfect until I turned twelve. Then everything was destroyed with a fainting spell, a doctor’s visit, and a diagnosis that rocked me to my core. Now at seventeen, I am being shipped to a new country and school with no support from my father. I’m facing a tangled web of lies and truths that will test and threaten to break me, but I’ve never been the type to back down.

The Kings of Wayward Academy set their eyes on me, and the chess game begins.

We are the Kings of Wayward Academy, but this school is not like others for the filthy rich with pretentious attitudes. The most ruthless families in the world have attended Wayward for generations. The land is neutral ground, heavily guarded, and the laws upheld by an unseen organization that no one dares to take on.

But, boredom, for people like us, is a deadly disease. One that usually ends badly for anyone caught in our snare.

Then Princess arrives, Ren Davies, the new girl. Armed with her sharp tongue and striking looks, she has everyone taking a second look. I’ve never met anyone with a fearless streak like hers. It was inevitable that she would attract our attention. The game begins, and the bets are set. Which King will win?

There are just some games that were never meant to be won.

My Review

Yes, yes, triple yes! Myles, Blake, Nash, Liam and Theo are all great. Although, this book currently really just features Blake, Myles and Nash. In regard to these three guys trying to win Ren's attention, I have to go with Myles first, and Blake and Nash are tied for second. 

Ren is my girl. She is not afraid of these guys and makes it known. The more she resists, the bigger the challenge these guys see her, especially Nash. The chemistry Ren shares with each guy is different. Ren and Myles are enemies to lovers with forced proximity. Ren and Blake are enemies to lovers as well. Ren and Nash are enemies to lovers and bully romance. 

I am so invested in them all so much that I will be jumping into book two right away as I need more. 


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