The Remains


Joelle and Luc escaped hell -- barely. But now hell is coming for them on Earth. They know what Joelle can do, and the stakes are raised. Luc is doing his best to stay sane and protect Joelle, which is easier said than done when dealing with the feisty blonde. But the two will have to work together -- even when separated -- to prove that their love is strong enough to overcome even the deadliest of battles.

My Review

First off I have to say Joelle and Luc forever. These two will not let a "little" thing like the devil stop them from being together. In this final book, Joelle is the one in charge. She kicked some Mare butt! She was not afraid of anyone or anything. 

With each book, I have grown to love Luc and Joelle more and more deeply. As I said with the second book that Joelle and Luc are the Bonnie and Clyde of Hell. Luc would go to the depths of Hell for Joelle. These two may have been fighting to keep Earth from being overrun but they still had time for hot sex. If you were looking for a book boyfriend to fall for Luc is an top choice. 

I loved this book and series so much but I am also sad to see it end. Yet, Luc and Joelle will always be a part of me. This book is a fitting ending to this series. If you are looking to spice up your reading, you need to pick up these books. 


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