Locked Hearts


“He sold me.”

“To the Mafia.”

When the king of the underworld wants you.
You have no place to run.
No matter how hard you try, no matter where you go.
He will find you.
It’s just a matter of, do you want him to find you.
Or do you want to run.

My Review

As if Keir and Sailor's story could not get any better, it just did with this book. I absolutely loved this duet story. Keir and Sailor are perfect together. This time around Sailor got to be more prominent and even call some of the shots. As readers will know, this is a huge deal as Keir is used to being in charge.

Keir's nickname for Sailor got my every time...Lollipop. Whenever he would say it, to push Sailor's buttons,  had a smile on my face. She may have acted like she was annoyed but inside she liked it. It is the angst that got me this time with Keir and Sailor. It was so hot that you could feel the steam rising off the pages of this book. This duet is a recommended five star read!


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