The Fairest of Them All

Rapunzel lived in a castle with her mother, a witch. Rapunzel fell in love with a prince. When he would come to visit her, he would tell Rapunzel to “Let down her hair” and than he would climb it to the top of the castle tower. Things went well until the prince told Rapunzel that he was marrying someone else. Rapunzel waited for her prince to return. He did later after the queen died and asked Rapunzel to marry him. They lived in the kingdom where Rapunzel helped to raise the king’s daughter from his prior marriage. Her name is Snow White.

If you are anyone, than you can remember growing up reading fairy tale stories or even watching them. Well in this book, Carolyn Turgeon combines two well known women…Rapunzel and Snow White into one story.

I like that the author stayed somewhat traditional to the original stories. What I mean by this is that there was that I was not surprised by how the book ended or that there were a bunch of new characters that I had to familiarize myself with. This book was a fairly quick read. It was funny as I liked Rapunzel better than Snow White. She seemed more real to me. Not that I had anything against Snow White. Snow White just was “too perfect”. Again though I still had a good time reading this book. Anyone who enjoys a good fairy tale should check this book out.


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