Let Me Go

Archie Sheridan has an upcoming birthday. What better way to celebrate than with friends and family. Only Archie has to work. He acts as recon to find out if Susan’s boyfriend and undercover agent, Leo is alive. Archie attends Jack Reynold’s masquerade party on All Hallow’s Eve. This night will be sure to bring out all of the crazies. The biggest crazy of them all…Gretchen. She is back.

Let Me Go is the latest Gretchen and Archie novel. Gretchen is still on the loose after escaping the mental hospital in the prior novel, Kill You Twice. However in good fashion, she does make an appearance in this book. Only most of her presence is felt from the past. Which I admit from the beginning I did not make this connection. I was thinking it was current events that had Archie and Gretchen together again.

I knew these two’s relationship was on a different level. One that was twisted and sick in many ways. However I did not realize how much so it was in the bedroom until this book. Even though it was sick in a fascinating way I was glad to have Gretchen back in any fashion in this book. So much so that I do believe she will be back even if the ending of this book may try to say otherwise.

As far as the rest of the book went it was fine. It was great to see all of the regulars again. Susan is getting tougher with each book. She is my second favorite female. There was not a lot of gore in this book. It was more on the psychological side.


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