Notes from Your Friend: Tooth Fairy

Thanks you for asking me to contribute to your blog. It has been very exciting to publish my book: Notes from, Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY.

Though a physician, who has lived his life consistent with scientific principles, I have always been a great fan of Sprites, Elementals and Nature’s Devas. This may have arisen from my love of the great outdoors. Perhaps this was the seed planted that resulted in the Notes my daughters received with each lost tooth.

That was a long time ago. Things were not always rosy in my life at that time and that always makes it worse for the children. The Tooth Fairy was a marvelous means by which to convey positive reinforcement to my two wonderful girls, something that never came easily for me in face-to-face contacts. Over time the personality for the Fairies, Samantha’s and Shawn’s, developed. The Fairy could be serious or funny. She might suggest alterations in behavior. But, most importantly your Tooth Fairy only has your best personal interests at heart. The children learn their Fairy can be trusted. This makes what they say very important.

Obviously, the needs of any child will be specific to that child. The personalities of all the Fairies my book might generate will be very different. It is my hope that it will serve to help form an on going friendship between the child and The Fairy. That is why Samantha and Shawn’s notes were ALWAYS signed “Your Friend, THE TOOTH FAIRY.

I will confess as I re-read the notes left for my Children, to this day, I still get misty when I read: just as I will always be

Your Friend,



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