The Alchemist Agenda

Charlie Rocklin owns Gold Diggers Exploration, Inc. Charlie’s company recovers…gold. What you thought I was going to say silver? Charlie has some of the best equipment to recover lost treasures on shipwrecks. He is hoping to be the first nautical archeologist to restore the past. Charlie gets more than he bargained for when he and his crew uncover a 17th century shipwreck. The ship turns out to be an undocumented Nazi submarine.

This book sounded like one that I would really like and is up my alley. Unfortunately, the book did not hit me in all the right spots and make me love it. I started reading it and then put it down to read another book. I was not drawn back to the book. However I did decide after a long while to pick it up again and give this book another try. Luckily I did give this book another chance. I had put it down right before the good part and the story picked up speed. Things got more interesting as the story progressed. It made for fast reading and before I knew it I was done with the book.


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