Mr. Monk Helps Himself

Who didn’t love Monk, the series? I sure did and now is a change for us all to enjoy Monk on paper (or digital) with the same cast of characters and new mysteries.

Told by ever-faithful Natalie who has returned from a sabbatical to become Monk’s full partner (as soon as she gets her license). The way to the license is full of twists and turns, however as Mr. Monk of the 100 phobias has come up against one of his worst phobias: clowns. Natalie is tasked with convincing him and Detective Stottlemeyer that they can work around the Clown (ummmmm “C” word??). Does she succeed?

This book is one of a series written by the man who wrote Monk originally. The snarkiness is there, the characters never left and the answer to the crimes is, of course brilliant. You will want to read this one and, of you haven’t, all the others.




Melinda Brasher said…
Awesome! I loved Monk. Good to know that this won't disappoint.
Teddy Rose said…
Thanks again for taking part in the tour. It's wonderful that you enjoyed Mr. Monk Helps Himself!
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for reading & reviewing my new book. I'm thrilled that there are still Monk fans out there!
holdenj said…
I am glad to see Natalie has returned and their dynamic still sounds great!
Anonymous said…
I love the television series. Monk is is a great character. As a mystery fan, I have to jump into the books at some point.
-Dilettantish Reader

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