Born of Illusion

Anna and her mother put on shows. Anna’s mother is a medium. Well truth be told, she is just a really good actor. She has no real magical powers. It is Anna that has the real talent. Anna has always stayed in her mother’s shadows. That is until Anna meets Cole. She is than introduced to a secret society. Oh and did I mention that Anna is the illegitimate daughter of Harry Houdini.

This book is another one that I picked up say it sounded good and hoping it would turn out that way. Well I can tell you that this book passed the test. I have a good time reading it. I like that this story took place back in the 1920’s. It added more mystery.

Mrs. Brown is a great story teller. She really brought to life the characters. It was like I was with Anna every step of the way. I could see the theater that she and her mother put on their shows at and smell the burnt toast from the toaster that Anna’s neighbor had burnt from his invention. Anna’s magical abilities while not flashy and in your face were real and this is another reason of why I liked her. Plus as the story progressed, she grew stronger and independent of her mother. If you like magic than you should check this book out.


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