Love Gone Mad

Dr. Adrian Douglas and nurse Megan Haggarty are in a relationship with each other. It is a complicated one. Of course what relationship is not without there own set of problems. Only their relationship involves Megan's psycho ex-husband and someone more dangerous who is playing with Adrian and Megan.

This book sounded really good and this is why I wanted to read it. Unfortunately, this book did nothing for me. I found myself more just going through the motions of reading and not really comprehending any of it. The characters were unflattering and thus in turn I was not that excited about the story or their lives and what happened to them. I kept reading this book hoping it would pick up and I would get more excited about the characters but I never did. Sadly this book is one that I will easily forget about. Even the stalker did nothing for me. In this type of book I would expect the main characters including the bad guy or gal (hey ladies can be just as mean and scary) to make a strong presence.


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