You tell Your Dog First

I am a dog lover. Or course, though my love usually is for the bigger dogs like the Labrador, wolf hybrid, the mutt, and the pit bull. Not to say that I have some of the best smaller dogs have not graced my life as well like the mini daschund and toy poodle. This is why I wanted to check out this book by Alison.

This book was different in a good way. With this book, I was just expecting to read about Alison and her West Highland, Carlie. What I was not expecting was to get to a more intimate look into the author’s life through all the dogs that have come and gone in her life.

This book is something that I could see myself putting together like a dog journal. A book that remembers all my dogs and my favorite moments with them. So glad that Alison shared her moments with readers with this book. Dog fans will enjoy this book and Carlie.


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