The Wooing of Jane Grey

Review by Nancy

Jane Elizabeth Grey was a friendly, Christian, middle-child. Her older sister was a full-time mom and she adored her children. Her younger sister was “The Princess”, always the cutest, smartest, best at most things. Jane was Jane. She didn’t give an inch and she had had a crush on one of the Columbus Jackets hockey stars for many, many years. Linden “Lindy” Barrett was a tall hunk of a man, and when she finally met him, the sparks flew like angel kisses. But there was one issue: Lindy wasn’t a Christian.

Jane has a boyfriend, a lawyer named Paul who adores her. He is devout, kind, gentle and trying to respect Jane’s wish to “wait until marriage.” He cooks, he send flowers, he loves her mother (that’s a bit scary!), her father and everyone else in her life. Mostly. He’s not too fond of her friend Lindy.

What’s a girl to do? She has her own career, her own apartment which she adores and two men on the leash. Her best friend forever, Millie, tells her to “get a life” she did – she has two lives! One in hockey and one with her Christian lawyer. In this humorous story, C E Hilbert takes us through all of Jane’s issues, her helpless conversation s with God and His decision on how to live her life. No cussin’, no feudin’ (well, not much!), no sex scenes but just a wonderful, well-written story.


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