Lullaby is a splashing, good time of a read!

After being cursed by Penn, Lexi, and Thea, Gemma runs off with the three girls. As if Gemma really has a choice. If she didn’t leave then her sister, Harper and her boyfriend Alex would be harmed.

Harper will not give up her sister that easy. She, Alex and Daniel are not afraid. They will fight to the bitter end. Harper better hurry as time is time is running out.

I have not had the pleasure of reading Wake the prior book to Lullaby. However, I was able to quickly piece together what happened in the prior book to Gemma. I could feel Gemma’s struggle as she tried to learn how to cope to her new life as a mermaid/siren. I liked seeing the change from the two different forms that Gemma and the rest of the girls took. Usually in books, the characters are either one or the other.

Harper really cared for Gemma and was willing to do anything to get her back. For this fact, I was cheering her on to succeed. However I thought that Daniel was a bit pushy. So for this fact, I was not feeling him and Harper together. Harper needed a friend more then she did a boyfriend. I was immersed in this book. Lullaby is a splashing, good time of a read! I can not wait to read book three, Tidal. I do plan to go back and read Wake.

This is one of the songs from the Lullaby soundtrack. The rest of the list is here.


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