Haven of Obedience

Natalie Bowen is a control freak. If she is not in control, then she does not know what to do with herself. This includes behind closed doors in the bedroom. Natalie is actually too controlling. She has been told this by a couple guys. Natalie would like to spice up her love life. This is why when a friend of her’s tells her about the Haven, Natalie is all about it.

Simon has been assigned to be Natalie’s instructor. Once Simon meets Natalie, he realizes that he is in for a great challenge. One that will involve lots of his personal attention.

This book was middle of the road for me. This is not a bad thing but it just means that there was not much going on outside of the sex. Which if you picked up this book, then you should not be surprised. What I just had hoped for was that the story line had been stronger between the two main characters, Natalie and Simon. I thought that Natalie really was stuck up and needs to loosen up more. She did in the end but I mean come on girl, if you are going to a sex retreat to learn how to give up control and make the most out of your sexual experience, then do it. As obviously what Natalie was doing before was not working. So as you can imagine Natalie’s whiny got old pretty quickly. Simon on the other hand, I liked him but I did think he was a tad man towards Natalie. I could tell that Simon liked Natalie but it was like if he showed his true feelings then that was a bad thing so the opposite was to be mean. Thus the chemistry between Simon and Natalie was just ok. Overall, though this is a quick read.


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