What Kills Me

Review by Nancy

A period of study in Rome at 17. What could go wrong? If you’ve ever been or raised a 17 yr-old girl you needn’t ask. Axelia only wants to find a “romance in Rome”. What she finds instead is a new life – one filled with terror, blood and loneliness.

When she sneaks out of her sponsors’ home to meet a good-looking guy she has o clue she will never return. He knows because it’s all part of his plan. Gelato, sweet mutterings in her ear and then – well, then she dies. It goes according to plan up to a point but Axelia (“Zee”) isn’t stupid and she runs away from him. In the running, she falls into an old well full of blood. And turns instantly.

She has no idea how to cope with her new life ever after but there are those willing to help her. Unfortunately there are also those willing to kill her – one being the Empress, ruling vampire of the whole vamp nation.

Zee is much more than she was. She is much more than they all know, in fact. Can she make it out of the mess she is in alone? Can she make it at all. This is an excellent story if you like the vampire genre (and I do!). A bit gory for younger teens but the older ones should do fine.


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