Kiss of Surrender

Review by Nancy

When Trond woke up on his skins in 850, he had no clue that he would still be with us now. He had no clue. Period. He was lazy, uncaring and expected all to work out nicely without much input from him. Then he met Mike (aka St Michael, the Archangel) who informed him things had changed – a lot. Oh, he was still a Viking but now he was a Viking Vampire angel working for the Lord. He and his brothers who were all guilty of various sins.

Thus begins the second book in a whole new series from Avon called The Deadly Angels and if the first installment is what the rest are like, I’m hooked!

Trond in our time is a Navy Seal. After the baddest of the bad, some of whom are inspired to bad deads by Lucifer and his crew. His main nemesis (aside from the Lucifer dudes) is named Nicole Tasso – a woman WEAL (girl SEAL) who distrusted him on sight and has filed many complaints with her commanding officer about him. She knows there’s something “off” but try as she might she can’t find out what. And then they’re partnered on a mission….

This is a different plot than I’ve read before and the characters are believable and well done. The story line is fresh and I’m already waiting for more of the Kiss of Temptation.

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Anonymous said…
Wow, he's a Navy SEAL?! I'm liking that!

Thanks for being on the tour.

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