Forever Werewolf and Moonkissed

Forever Werewolf and Moonkissed by Michelle Hauf

Review by Nancy
A great deal! Two stories for the price of one! Not to be missed by paranormal lovers all.

Forever Werewolf: Born into an elite family, Trystan Hawkes knows nothing of pack life but becomes a quick learner while delivering a package to the leader of the Alpine Pack just before a horrific avalanche. Taking charge, Tryst helps dig out humans and weres alike and makes an impression on the Chatelaine of the Pack, the Leader’s daughter Lexi.

The Leader is dying from an unknown issue and what Trystan delivered will either save him or kill him. He isn’t welcomed by all, Lexi’s sister’s fiancé, a brute of man and a monster of a wolf doesn’t like him at all. He has good reason as Tryst is smarter than most and Sven has secrets.

All in all, quite a good plot and I like the character of Lexi as she took no crap from anyone or anything.

Moonkissed: Hiding from a group of men in an old warehouse isn’t what Belladonna Reynolds thought would happen when she left for her evening run. She wasn’t supposed to run in that part of town she was in, but…….she was bored. Boredom brought what it usually does – trouble. More than she realizes as a hard hand is put over her mouth from behind.

Severo is were and a handsome one at that. He has a history with vampires and that includes the deaths of his parents, also weres. He saved Bella because he was hunting the vamps. He saved her also because he was attracted to her. A lot.

Bella’s best friend is dating a vampire – the one Severo is looking for. She is after Bella for the simple reason all women have – jealousy. She doesn’t like the closeness the two friends have and is determined to stop it one way or another.

This book was okay. I didn’t like it nearly as well as Forever Werewolf but you may. The plot was good, but I kept thinking I’d read it before (hadn’t) and I thought it was sort of draggy here and there. But well worth reading alone.


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