Slow Heat

Review by Nancy

Micah Jones was the perfect new hire for King Fugitive Apprehension. Almost. There was the one small fact that he was a highly paid assassin on the fun from the FBI. There was the other small fact that he could make shots nobody else would even try, much less succeed at. Micah Jones was Micah Mulligan of “Mulligan’s Stew” assassin squad.

When KFA is hired to find the missing ledger from Club Paradise it all gets much more chaotic. They know the place is laundering money but they don’t know how. What about the bookkeeper? Maybe she knows something. Maggie O’Malley is a true Irish maid. Stubborn as she is beautiful and loudly proclaiming her innocence to anyone who’ll listen. She must be innocent. People are now trying to kill her!

Maggie’s crazy family and Micah’s crazy dad and uncle versus the world. But there may be enemies in the ranks. It makes for a humorous tale of guns, kisses and romance. You’ll love it for the holidays!


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