Mystic City is a magical, fun read.

Aria Rose should be happy. She is engaged to Thomas Foster. With Aria’s engagement to Thomas, this means that the two feuding families will become one. Just like Romeo and Juliet. It seems that Aria is the only one that is unhappy. Everyone else around her tells her how much Aria and Thomas are good together but Aria has no memories or her and Thomas. This is because Aria’s memories are gone.

nter has a secret. He is a mystic. He also helps the key to helping Aria piece her memories back together. But can she trust him?
Mystic City is book one in the Mystic City series. I am not usually drawn to book covers but I have to admit that the cover for this book was eye catching. This is the point. This book is way better then I expected it to be. For me this book was not so much about the magical powers that Hunter had as a mystic but it was more about the great storytelling abilities that Mr. Lawrence has. The world that he built for this series is a good one. It was like I was there with Aria every step of the way. I could see the city lights and feel the strong energy source from Hunter.

I could tell that there was something between Aria and Hunter and it was more then just friends. So when it was revealed the true status there was no surprise there. To be honest, there was no huge surprise for how the story played out. For me it was all about the world and how the characters came alive for me. I can not wait to read book two Renegade Heart. Mystic City is a magical, fun read.


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