A Woman’s Power: Threads that Bind Us to God

This book is a good reminder of renewing your faith in God. We may have to suffer but not like what Jesus did for us on the cross. Our suffering is what makes us stronger. I like the explanation that Fay’s son, Tim made when he was just fourteen years old. He said “I’d rather be a native trout any day.” He explained that hatchery fish are hand-fed and consequently smaller and weaker than native fish. He said, “Native trout grow bigger, stronger, and smarter because they have to fight for everything they have.” Wow. At this age, I definitely understood about God and praying but this is amazing and Tim was much wiser than his fourteen years.

Ms. Klinger quotes good passages from the Bible that help convey the message she is describing at that moment in the book. The passages are usually inserted after a paragraph or used to help build a sentence. I found reading this book enlightening. It was like going to a Bible study. While, on the note, when you think of a Bible study, you probably think about preaching. In a way, this book was like a sermon but Ms. Klinger did a nice job of not getting too wordy and she explained things in an easy and simple way. This is the type of book that you will want to share with friends and family. It is worth your time to read. It is a quick read if you just sit down and read it yourself but you could also use this book as part of a study group.


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