Ms. Halliday is playing anything but nice

Anya Danielovich used to work for the KOS. A Yugoslavian intelligence agency. Now, Ayna is just plain, old Anna Smith.

Nick Dade is not fooled by Anya or Anna as she goes by these days. Nick has read Anya’s file and he knows what she is capable of. Nick usually does not take on cases that involve women as the target but for Anya he made an exception. Nick soon realizes that he is not the only one after Anya. Before he knows it, Nick is protecting Anya but only until he can take out the competition.

I have seen Ms. Halliday’s books around. I keep telling myself that I have to check her out but than another year goes by and I realize that I haven’t done so. That changed, when I picked up Play Nice.

This book helped me out of my reading slump. I found myself drawn into the story and the characters. Anya or I should say “Anna” was a spit fire. She not only had the looks but she could kick some serious butt too. If, I did not think that Nick could take card of himself, I almost would have felt sorry for him having to put up with Anya. Of course, I did say “almost” Anya and Nick are like Turner and Hooch. They don’t belong together but they really are the perfect match and they compliment each other. Also, I like that there was little romance between Anya and Nick. For this book, if there had between something going on, than it would have been unbelievable to me. The way this book ended has me excited. It hints that I will get to see Anya and Nick again real soon. Maybe it will be the next book that I might see some sparks form with Anya and Nick. Play Nice is an oxymoron. Ms. Halliday is playing anything but nice. She serves up a warm, plate of action, intrigue and strong characters!


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