Ice Gorilla

Review by Nancy

Will had nothing left to lose which is why he took Dean Chen up on his offer to explore the wilderness on the Ward Hunt Ice Shelf which is rapidly calving away from it’s main glacier. Someone found a claw there – a claw never before seen and it is BIG! He and a small team led by Chen, his idiot assistant and his two best friends (plus one research student) fly to the wilderness in hopes of catching and bringing back the owner of the claw.

A blizzard, several deaths and mutilations later they come to realize this was a very, very bad plan. They had no idea what they were up against – strange critters, mean wolves, earthquakes and, unfortunately, each other. Bouncing back and forth between the two research teams, one above ground the other below, the author weaves a riveting tale of horror and cold.

“Ice Gorilla” may be one of the best mind-twisters I’ve read. Not just year but for quite a while. If you like scary stories, where your head may make better images than the movie will read this now. I can nearly promise you’ll see it on Sy-Fy someday.


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