How to Eat a Cupcake

Julia St. Clair comes from wealth, whereas, Annie does not. If it was not for the fact that Annie’s mom used to work for the St. Clair’s than Annie and Julia would never be friends. Julia and Annie used to have a close bond but than a tragic event tore them apart.

Years later, Julia’s mother is hosting a party and convinces Annie to cater and bring her cupcakes. It is at this party that Julia and Annie will reconnect. They decide to go into business together and start their own cupcake shop.

First off the cover for this book is eye catching and yummy. This is what first drew me to this book. I was excited to read this book. Unfortunately, this book was not a winner for me. Not for a lack of effort. I got about half way and than put the book down. I came back to the book for after a while. I tried again to read this book and could not finish it.

It was not due to the writing but more the characters. I was not connecting with them. Julia and her family really got on my nerves. They were so condescending that I wanted to stuff a cupcake in their faces.

Annie on the other hand was a little easier to warm up to but at the same time, she had this bitterness about her as well that I did not care for. While this book was not for me, it did have the making for a nice hearty chick lit novel.

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