The Girl Next Door

Carter Ross reads a story about a woman involved in a hit and run. He decides to attend her funeral. Carter gets more than he bargained for when the victim’s sister tells Carter that she believes the accident was no accident. Carter agrees to investigate the case. Carter better watch his back or he could find himself in a hit and run accident of his own.

The Girl Next Door is book three of the Carter Ross novels. I like Carter. When you first think of a reporter, you instantly group them with attorneys. When it comes to Cater, I would have to say that he is the minority. He plays by his own rules but he is for the people. He will go to great lengths to uncover the truth, even if it means this could be his last story.

While, I did enjoy this book, I had some trouble jumping in with both feet. There was nothing too exciting about the characters that drew me into the story or made me really cheer for Carter to solve the murder. For a mystery fan, there were not a lot of twists and you will probably figure out who the responsible party if before the book is over. Although, there was nothing special about this book, I am still a fan of Mr. Parks and will check out the next Carter Ross book.


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