Ship of Souls

D became a ward of the state, when his mother died from cancer. Lucky for D, he is taken in by Mrs. Ward, a nice white lady. Things are going great for D until Mrs. Ward cares for Mercy, a crack baby. Soon, all of Mrs. Ward’s time is occupied by Mercy.

D is a math whiz. This is why Mr. Powell hires D to tutor his son, Hakeem in math. Nyla has captured the attention of both D and Hakeem. Soon, D, Hakeem and Nyla are hanging out together.

D decides one day to go to the park. Once in the park, D hears a voice. The voice is coming from a small, white bird. The bird’s name is Nuru. D. takes Nuru home with him. Nuru tells D that she must return and help the lost souls. D agrees to help Nuru on her mission. He is joined by Hakeem and Nyla. It will be a dangerous mission as they battle the Nether beings.

I thought this was an entertaining, quick read. In fact, I sat down to read this book and didn’t put it down until I had finished it. D and Nyla I felt were the strongest characters. This book is classified as a young adult read and I would say that it is appropriate for this audience. There was nothing too scary about the nether beings. What I did like the most about this book was that D, Nyla and Hakeem were misfits and the most unlikely of people to group together but in this book it worked. I hope to see these three again in the future.


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