Fay Famaghetti works in her family’s Italian restaurant. She is ready for a change. She becomes a realtor. Though in this present time, even if you are the best realtor it can be hard to make a living. That all changes when Fay is presented with an opportunity that she can not refuse… house flipping. There is a lot of money to be made in this business. Fay soon realizes that. Though, how much of a good thing is enough?

I thought this book sounded interesting and something different from what I normally read. Sadly, this book or the characters did not strike a cord with me and made me want to get to know them better. Right from the beginning, I was some what put off by Fay’s demeanor and attitude. Mrs. Goodfellow seemed like a nice woman and all Fay could think about is how Mrs. Goodfellow was her’s and her home. I tried to look past that and read on but for me, it didn’t get better and I could not read this book past about 1 third of the way in. Although, I thought Mrs. Ellenton did a good job centering this story on present events…the house market and the business of “flipping”. For any one who is not familiar with the term “flipping”,

Courtesy of Wikipedia
Flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe purchasing a revenue-generating asset and quickly reselling (or "flipping") it for profit. Though flipping can apply to any asset, the term is most often applied to real estate and initial public offerings.

The term "flipping" is frequently used both as a descriptive term for schemes involving market manipulation and other illegal conduct and as a derogatory term for legal real estate investing strategies that are perceived by some to be unethical or socially destructive. The latter usage is typically contested by those who believe the strategies in question are ethical and socially beneficial or neutral. In the United Kingdom the term is used to describe a technique whereby Members of Parliament were found to be switching their second home between several houses, which had the effect of allowing them to maximize their taxpayer funded allowances.


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