The Reconstructionist

Review by Nancy

In a story of love, lust, hate and miscommunication Ellis Barstow is muddled. He loves his dead brother’s girlfriend (who also happens to be his boss’ wife). Always has but might not always will. Heather was nice to his when no one else was when he was young and his teenage crush has developed into full blown – something close to obsession.

Boggs hires Ellis to help him reconstruct vehicle accidents. Their work usually wins lawsuits for their clients; but are they always right? It’s the real world, folks, not gonna happen. Ellis follows Boggs like a puppy but may be the real mind behind their projects. Until.

Boggs discovers Ellis and Heather have become a bit more than friends. He can’t deal with that so he takes off to places unknown. Ellis, guilt ridden, follows him to make amends.

Boggs and Ellis make up the main parts of this story. I liked it but I also didn’t. I really liked it until the affair began which seemed to break the book up into a confusing back and forth between Ellis minor breakdown, Boggs major life crisis and what Heather may have been up to twelve years ago. It’s certainly worth the time to read, if for nothing else than to understand how traffic accidents are thought out.


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